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* All images above are HD video screen grabs from our resort promo videos

The Phabulous Philippines in HD™ Presentation Testimonials

A formal survey was conducted of attendees to the very first presentation of "The Phabulous Philippines in HD™ ", and here is what individual respondents had to say:

"The presenter was funny and informative"
"This presentation gave me the desire to visit the Philippines!"
"The presenter was enthusiastic and showed interest"
"I liked the narration about the animals"
"I liked the humor of the stories"
"Very good HD video quality, but the 80 minute presentation was not long enough!"
"Liked the HD footage"
"Amazing videography!"
"I liked the HD video footage the best"
"I liked that I saw all the different islands"
"Very enthusiastic presenter"
"Presented with passion"
"I liked the HD video footage of different regions so I could compare them"
"I could have watched the presentation for hours!"
"I liked the HD video footage the best"
"I loved the footage of the people and culture, not just the diving"
"I liked the video footage and presenter humor the most"
"Eye opening information!"
"I enjoyed the video, both underwater and land"
"I liked the presenter's actual experience and anecdotes the best"
"I liked that I got to see where to stay and what I'll see diving there"